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The Tulip Company is in Terre Haute, Indiana, located at 1850 E. Davis Drive.  This is home to the country's finest tulips where they ship out over a million bulb products each year.  Also located on the property, is an outdoor garden center, a full service florist, and a landscape division that supplies the Wabash Valley with all your garden and landscaping needs.

The Tulip Company sign at their entrance in Terre Haute, Indiana
Our Vision

Our family has been very involved with small businesses over the years, and we understand how much it means when customers shop locally.  After buying The Tulip Company, it was our goal to grow the business using as much local labor and supplies as possible.


The community has been amazing at supporting our local business every step of the way.  In return, we will do our best to continue giving back through quality products and the highest level of customer service. 



In The News

The Tulip Company has a very long history, so here is our short version of it...​


The Tulip Company is home to the largest free standing glass greenhouse in the country located in Terre Haute, Indiana.  Today, it grows over one million bulbs that are either shipped out as fresh cuts or sent out to various customers through drop ship programs all over the country.  It's "seeds" were first being planted in the early 1930's when Vaughan's Seed Company hired Clyde Homan to oversee the forcing and growing of bulbs in several states.  Clyde decided it would be beneficial for the company to build a large greenhouse centrally located in the United States.  Terre Haute was the perfect spot considering it was the crossroads of America and would be ideal for distributing product all over the United States.  In 1950, the greenhouse which still stands and fully functions today was built to force grow fresh cut tulips which were sold to wholesalers in the midwest.  The company was known as Tulips, Inc. and was a subsidary of Vaughans's until 1960 when the business was purchased by Clyde who continued to grow and ship an excellent grade of cut tulips.


Clyde died in 1984 and the assets of Tulips, Inc. were sold to Jim and Dru Adams, which fulfilled Clyde's desire that what he had created should continue.  Jim and Dru changed the name to The Tulip Company.  Over the next 28 years the company's reputation blossomed nationally as a top-ranked grower of high quality cut tulips, potted bulb products, and sprouted bulb gifts.


In 2012, The Tulip Company became The Tulip Company & More, when it was purchased by Terry and Lisa Welsh.  The Welsh family had been involved in local agriculture for over 45 years and were excited to see how they could also expand and improve the company.  Their son, Cody, began managing the business shorly after and immediately began plans to expand by adding different divisions that worked together to improve overall sales and margins of the company.  Initially, the focus was to increase tulip sales, getting the company back to where it was in it's peak years prior to the Welsh's purchase.  One year later, the decision was made to begin selling a small amount of hanging baskets and other garden center items during the spring and summer months.  The response from customers in Terre Haute was excellent, and they immediately began plans to transform into an all out garden center.  There was still extra space on property to grow more product, so in 2013 the Welshes purchased Fruitridge Gardens, another local nursery.  Having an established customer base, Fruitridge initially gave them the retail outlet to move product that was grown in what was previously "wasted" greenhouses.  During this time, sales continued to increase dramatically at The Tulip Company, so one year later, a large outdoor garden center was constructed along with a gift shop.

The Tulip Company's newly built outdoor garden center located in Terre Haute, Indiana.

To keep up with increased growth, they brought on Cody's wife, Lindsay.  She has been an important part of the business focusing on marketing, catalog sales, financials, and product inventory.  Lindsay was also a vital part in openning up the  landscape division, which is quickly gaining interest in the commuity.

Shortly after seeing how well the landscape division had done, The Tulip Company decided to rebrand it as TC Design & Supply.  It has now transformed into not only a landscape company, but a full landscape supply outlet selling to both retail customers and landscape contractors.


The Welshes are excited about 2020 and what it will bring to The Tulip Company.  They plan to focus on growing TC Design & Supply along with their garden center.  As with every year, extra focus will be given to overall quality and customer service as ultimately their customers have been what has enabled them to grow each year!  The Wabash Valley has been a great place to run and build a business, and they only hope to continue "growing" for years to come. 

Meet Our Staff
The Tulip Company garden center featured in Green Profit Magazine

Local Tulip Company Opens Full Service Flower Shop

​Terry & Lisa Welsh - Owners


Terry & Lisa Welsh have owned the Tulip Company since 2012.  Terry was raised in an agriculture background and continues to own and manage Welsh Ag Enterprises.  Lisa is actively involved in The Tulip Company and enjoys traveling to trade shows around the country to find one of a kind items to make the gift shop and garden center truely unique.

Cody & Lindsay Welsh - General Managers


Cody & Lindsay both run day to day operations at The Tulip Company.  Lindsay focuses on ordering of products, overseeing the catalog division, marketing, and financials.  Cody's focus is on growing the business. Where he oversees tulip sales, growing of product, and managing labor.  Since The Tulip Company was purchased in 2012, the company has grown at a fast pace adding two garden centers and a landscape division.

​Bonnie Martin - Office Manager


Bonnie has been an important part of the company since 2008.  She is in charge of office management, bookkeeping, and tulip sales.  Taking passion in what she does, Bonnie gets just as excited as the owners do when the company picks up new customers or sees oportunity for expansion of the business.  Even though Bonnie has a "desk job", she's not afraid to jump in whenever she is needed.

Matt Sheldon - Grower


Matt has been with the The Tulip Company for over 20 years and is the head grower for bulb products.  Having the opportunity to work with past tulip growers from Holland in his early years, he has gained a wealth of knowledge about forcing bulbs and has been a key asset to the company's success.  Matt still believes in "talking" to the tulips and/or playing music for them, so needless to say a radio is generally playing in the greenhouse.

Tricia Marietta - Catalog/Greenhouse Manager


Tricia manages the tulip production starting from when the crop first comes out, all the way until it is safely packed in the coolers.  She also manages catalog sales for the business.  Tricia displays great leadership skills and her dedication to her job shows in everything she does.  When the bulb season comes to an end, she then transitions to the garden centers where she oversees watering and restocking of product.

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