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Tree Installation

Green giant trees installed by The Tulip Company garden center

Tree installation by The Tulip Company​


The Tulip Company garden center has a large selection of trees and shrubs available for purchase, but we realize customers don't always get as excited about planting them as we do.  When shopping for trees and shrubs at our garden center, ask our friendly staff about planting prices along with delivery prices. 


Things to consider when planting trees and shrubs:

  • Before planting, it is always best to research what types of soil your plant prefers.

  • The best time to plant is early spring or fall.  When planting during summer months always remember to water regularly.

  • Dig the hole twice the size of the root ball or container size.

  • Fill the hole with nicely tilled top soil to prevent the plant from settling in the hole.

  • Use a time release fertilizer mixed in with the soil when back filling or top dress with fertilizer after the rootball has been covered.

  • For most trees, it may be beneficial to stake the tree for extra support while roots develop.

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